An alternative method of learning the Filipino Martial Arts specifically Latosa-Escrima without compromising quality and integrity. Being able to overcoming the challenge of distance as a barrier or excuse. A supplement to what you already know or not having the opportunity to attend seminars.


Thommy Luke Boehlig

My friend, Escrima Grandmaster Rene Latosa now also decided to produce a high end online academy for the Filipino Martial Arts.

I had a look at it and can recommend it without hesitation to anyone interested in receiving in-depth instruction by one of the few living martial arts legends of today.

Here it is:

A true warrior knows when to fight and when not to fight. For one does not simply posses the will to live, but needs the mental and physical skills required to survive.

Introducing: The Latosa-Escrima Online Academy

Latosa-Escrima is a Filipino martial arts system with focus on the cerebral and anatomical balance essential to winning a fight.

Students of the Online Academy are carefully guided by Grandmaster Rene Latosa as they venture down a path finely curated for the understanding and refinement of the Latosa-Escrima system.

At the Online Academy our top priority is quality. We believe that every student deserves to live up to his or her highest potential.

Sign up for a FREE demo today @ www.escrima-online.com

As a member of Latosa-Escrima Online Academy you receive the benefit of learning from the safety of your own home, anywhere in the world.

Grandmaster Latosa believes that every student deserves to further their study of Latosa-Escrima´s aesthetics, regardless of location or financial circumstance.

Welcome to learning martial arts in the 21st century.


Latosa Escrima Seminars 2017


  • Prague Oct 6-8
  • Dusseldorf Oct 10-11
  • Frankfurt Oct 15-16

The Filipino Martial Arts of the Filipino Warrior

Philosophy: It is not the number of certificates, the ranks you obtained, who you studied with, how many different techniques you know, how many styles you can name and who you know (assuring self-importance), it is how you can define your own excellence. 

These seminars are not for collectors, but for those who want to enhance what they know. There are no demonstrations or moves to impress and astound you with, leave that to everyone else. The primary objective is to learn more about what you already do—defining your own excellence.


rzl@comcast.net or Facebook…Rene Latosa – contact for seminars – limited schedule – first come, first served.

What you get from the Seminars?

The art of Latosa-Escrima is an original system of the Filipino Martial Arts. It is deep into training students how to use concepts with the techniques instead of using techniques to be the main driving force. The system has proven its effectiveness in the students/champions/ and fighters it has produced in the over 30 years of development. There are many styles to choose from and the choice and decision is your…a learning opportunity or a collection of techniques.

You have the choice of subject matter:

Single stick, stick transition to empty hands, staff, spear, single to double stick, knife – single and double, sword – single or double, sword and shield, palm sticks, empty hands – cadena de mano, pad and mitt work, FILIPINO BOXING. and/or a focus on concepts. It is your choice.

Learn from the source of the system, feel and experience the most effective Filipino Martial Arts system in the world. You will then understand the true meaning of the Filipino Warrior. You will learn how to do what you do with more efficiency and effectiveness — guaranteed.

My reputation speaks for itself and anyone can write up a great resume about themselves, but my results and the influence on the art is my reputation.

I will open the intense instructors program. Students must apply and be accepted. This is more then a seminar…it is an investment in learning.

Latosa-Escrima Seminar/Price Lists

#1: Weekend one (1) day

  • 1 day 4 hours session.
  • Total: Minimum:1,200.00 euros/dollars – 300.00 advance deposit outside of the USA

#2: Weekend two (2) day

  • 2 days 2 four (4) hour session – 2 private lessons
  • Total: 2,400 euros/dollars – 400.00 advance deposit outside of the USA

#3: Mid-week

  • 3 hour session
  • to the host
  • Total: 1,000 – 250 advance deposit outside of the USA

#4: Mid-week2 days

  • 3 hour session
  • Total: 2,000- 250 advance deposit outside of the USA